Why Should You Choose Billboard Advertising?

Why Should You Choose Billboard Advertising?

It just flat out works

In the age of social media, there are millions of different advertising strategies to employ for your business. But just because it's new doesn't necessarily mean it's the best. Billboard advertising has remained a strong option for American businesses for over 150 years. We now have cars instead of horses, but billboards are still one of the most direct and efficient ways to reach your customer base.

Ace Outdoor Advertising will target your ad dollars in one geographical area and eliminate waste in your ad budget. Studies have shown that digital billboards are twice as effective and have a significantly higher retention rate than permanent billboard displays. Amongst the many advantages of digital billboards, they allow you to change your ad campaign in minutes not your ad budget. Reach out to Ace Outdoor Advertising today to learn more.

Benefits of billboard advertising

Did you know a full day on a billboard costs about the same as a 30-second radio ad? Billboards have countless benefits for businesses large and small, including:

  • Big, bold and colorful displays to grab attention
  • Low costs compared to other advertising mediums
  • High reach and frequency
  • 24/7 presence in your competitor's market
  • Zero waste in your ad budget
  • One simple monthly cost

Our computer-generated displays allow you to put up time-sensitive ads to targeted areas. Digital billboards are known to be up to six times more effective than static ads.

We offer low introductory rates and flexible terms. Call us today at 318-900-SIGN to get started.